My Hiatus and the Rebirth of My Self Confidence


Whew!!! Is it 2015 ALREADY!!!??? My GAWD!!!! It’s been such a lonnnnnnnnnng time since I wrote on my blog. Shamefully I have absolutely no excuse to give you. Hopefully you can forgive me. At least enough to keep checking for me because I have a lot to share with you this year. I am soooo excited.


I really just figured out that I should just write. My previous articles were very deliberate, ya know. But I spend so much time thinking about what I want to write about and if it’s even worth writing about and how I can be creative and how it’ll be received, etc, etc… I do this so much that I just never even wrote!! Except for maybe on my social media sites. I just recently decided, hey, ya know what! Fuck this shit. I have a wonderful mind and I have lots to share that’s worth sharing. Yes, my writing will contain lots of obscenities… and yes, some of my thoughts will be absolutely scattered, probably making not one bit of sense. But this is MY space. This is who I am, scatter brained, dry humor, obscenities coupled with my overall dopeness and all. Yeah, I’m dope, b. I’m the dopest chick I know in the galaxy. And if you’re not thinking this about yourself, tuh!! Get yo life!!!

What’s in store? Well, videos, food, weight loss journey, sharing knowledge, fashion tips, DIY’s, you name it. It’s The Reality Check, will be about my reality, and my sharing of that reality with the world. I think my reality is worth sharing. I think it’s funny, real, ugly, profane, dope as fuck AND empowering. So you know that means, “You go get this work!!!”


Jay-Z, The 5 Percent Flag: A different perspective

First off, Let me state who I am which will indicate to you why I chose to speak on this matter.  As I stated before, my name is Epiphany Mohogany Brown, I’m also known as Earth Precise I’Conic or Precise, for short…a name I designated for myself to live out.  I developed this name as a result of  my living out the culture that is known as Allah’s 5% or the Nation of Gods and Earths…

With that being said, as of late, there has been much speculation in regards to Jay Z wearing what is termed as the “flag” of the 5% by both those who claim to associate themselves with or identify themselves as 5percenters AND the media.

I preface my statements with my views & perspectives may not be that of many of those same people who identify themselves as 5percenters.  Because the paradigm is individualistic inherently, I cannot speak for others, only for myself.  I intend to offer my perspective regarding the matter at hand as I hold my own perspective in the highest regard, rather than anyone else’s perspective.  I offer my perspective with the intent to not tell you what to think or to sway you in anyway except for the way of critical thinking…thinking about what you’re thinking.

So…personally, I was not moved when I first saw Jay Z dawn the flag…  & it was more so because of my understanding of the flag, that is personal to me and how I live it out.  Also, due to my own understanding that symbols are dynamic in meaning, & is subjective, thus varies among those bearing said symbols.  I refer to the Swatiska to make my point here.  It was originally apart of one culture representing one thing and became representative of something completely to the contrary at another time & geographical location.  I’ve seen some 5percenters going through so much as analyzing WHY Jay Z was donning the flag…  Insisting that it was causing confusion, etc.  My question is, causing confusion amongst who?  I certainly wasn’t confused nor surprised…nor did I have any other emotion regarding it.  Quite frankly, I didn’t give a fuck…but because it seems that now the media seems to be making a circus out of it as well as 5percenters being trapped in the race bait pitching tantrums on social media…so now, I give a fuck, a lil bit.  In my Jay Z voice.  LOL.  So my response is in 2 parts, one pertaining to the 5percenters pitching a tantrum & the 2nd to the misinformation propagated by the media.

To be quite frank with you, I think the hoopla within the 5percent is because of the fact Jay Z can’t be checked.  Not even y’all’s hip hop spokesperson Lord Jamar can just walk up to Jay & be like, “Yo God, how you see that?”  And that is just A-town stomping all on y’alls lil egos…  Like, if you’re not taking the time to teach about what it IS instead of trying to find out who Jay’s enlightener is or if he’s knows 120, or snatching somebody’s chain…then it just makes you look like the “errant child that needs correcting.”   That phrase comes from the article that was in the NY Post, a quote from Michael Muhummed Knight.  The paradigm that is shared by Allah’s 5% does not need to be defended OR protected.  It stands on it’s own.  You can’t check Jay Z & you can’t control other people’s thoughts and how they value a symbol.  You can only account for that which is within & limited by the group dynamic… Outside of the group dynamic, you have no say.  None.  I mean you can say what you want, but the ad hominem, & the pitching of tantrums thinly veiled under “I’m defending the Nation”, is a waste of time, & looks rather religious.  It looks like you’re trying to fit others in your box.  You have a right to have your box, stand on your square, but you have no right to expect others to accept your truth.  None.  That’s your rope & nobody’s trying to get hung up on it.  Jay Z owes none of you an explanation and obviously does not require your validation.


Now on to the media, The NY Post posted an article painting the 5Percenters in a negative light, referencing Michael Muhummad Knight and Saladin Allah.  The online social media tantrums started here.  With tweets to the NY Post & the author Gary.   Which I felt was definitely a set up.  I saw others calling the man a devil & really going so far to say that white people are indeed devils….Ad hominem…  In my opinion, this was a teaching moment.  Or it should have been left as is because they continue daily.  They are doing their job as the shitty journalists they are.  One can never depend on those outside of the group paradigm to offer a truthful insight regarding the paradigm.  They look in from the outside & scantily gather information & perpetuate a total lack of critical thinking and shitty journalism, lacking integrity.  Baiting for fallacious egos to reveal themselves on social media for a retweet & to keep their jobs…Controversy sells, just like sex.  & that’s all this is.  Case & point, the interview with David Webb and Michael Myers…  Myers says no one takes the 5 Percenters seriously, it’s hateful, it’s a religion…  Webb says, it’s reverse racism, an outgrowth of disinfected Black people of the civil rights movements.  Using the NY post summary saying the White man is the devil and the white race is weak & wicked, etc.  There’s no way to defend that.  You can only see it for what it is & not what you want it to be.  It’s a marketing ploy.  Has to be, because David Webb’s marquee on his website says Truth is the Authority…  Yeah, the otha, otha truth.  The truth that only requires you to do scant research & use it to perpetuate erroneous conclusions… Only cowards perpetuate this kind of truth.  Because if you really had the intention of “exposing” Allah’s 5% you’d actually walk with one and let the 5% teach you about the 5%.  Not someone who wrote a book, i.e., Michael Muhummad Knight, but someone who is active and can properly educate you on the culture such as the the context of The Black Man is God and The White man is the devil… Instead of assuming & diverting to assuming someone needs “street credit.”  & Finally, I’d like to add…since the journalists referenced a time period of the 60’s, I’ll quote a video of the 5%ers in the 60’s with a twist…  I ain worried bout Jay Z wearing the flag…If you went there, you went on ya own.  I give respect to the shitty journalists 100%, because I know what they doing…I respect the shitty journalists at all costs, because I know they doing they job, while I’m out here to a job also.  The shitty journalists are right & exact, they doing what they supposed to do, that’s how it’s supposed to be.  They doing they job and I’m doing mine.  Peace.


Marlon Wayans, Lord Jamar- That’s Gay!!

So as I’m perusing my Twitter timeline, as per usual, I see an apparently heated exchange between comedian Marlon Wayans and rapper Lord Jamar.  Lord Jamar has been calling out those men who have decided to wear what many are calling a skirt, such as Kanye West who wore a leather kilt.  The rapper believes that this is contributing to a phenomenon known as the effeminization of the Black man.  This idea stems around the assertion that the powers that be (read: The White man) want the Black man extinct, thus there is an over saturation of Black men being feminine and/or homosexual.


I must preface this rant by advising the reader, there is an inherent bias here.  I do NOT care for Lord Jamar (as a social commentator- as I do not know him personally) or the above mentioned *false* phenomenon.


I have talked about the subject on social media, often getting lost in translation due to the limitation of 140 characters on Twitter and Facebook just not being the best suited forum to express it; the subject being homosexuality and the ideas that some people have regarding it.  The example cited above is socially regressive for the following reasons:


  1. Hyper masculine values as equally propagated in media  has been the underlying cause of much of the catastrophe of our current society.  Last time I checked, as we kill each other off, most of the time it’s men and none of these men are wearing skirts/kilts.  At this rate, perhaps maybe wearing a skirt is a sign of sanity?
  2. Men wearing kilts or skirt-like garments did not start with Scottish bagpipe players.  It started in Ancient Egypt.  Just Google Ancient Egypt and click on “Images”, those “skirts” will be the first thing you see.  Yes, now go back to Kanye in his all leather kilt.  At least he had on pants up under it.
  3. Homosexuality is not something that is determined by the clothes a person wears.  Lord Jamar’s ideas regarding homosexuality have been based on this type of illogical reasoning.  The world couldn’t possibly contain men who do something like put on women’s undergarments (for example) and actually not be “gay”.  It’s like, there is a total disregard for the variety of issues that happen daily, in regards to gender identification, are nonexistent because you haven’t personally experienced it.  There are parents who are facing this issue with their children everyday- that did NOT choose it- and because of people who have ideas like Lord Jamar- are being bullied and made to live a life where people just can’t leave well enough alone.  The world is bigger than your limited view.
  4. Homosexuality does not define femininity or masculinity, or vice versa.  Femininity and masculinity are defined by more than sexual organs and varies across different cultures, as does gender roles.  My question is why is it taking the world so long to recognize this?  Why is it taking the world so long to grasp the slippery slope fallacy they hold that if people are homosexual, humans will become extinct, all the while, checking the US Census, the only people beating Blacks at procreating are Asians?  Why is it taking the world so long to grasp the fact that sex is only limited by those actually participating in the act and you have absolutely no right to have an opinion about the sexual activity of another unless you are indeed interested in having sex with that person?!
  5. Homosexuality is not something to agree with.  You either participate in sex involving the same sex or you don’t.  I’m not for or against homosexuality.  I have never participated in homosexual sex, nor do I desire to.  I have, however, considered doing so, it’s just not appealing to me, though.
  6. Lord Jamar is a 5%er, of which I’m very familiar with as I consider myself to be a 5%er as well.  5%er’s know AND teach the truth.  If there is one thing I have learned from traveling with the 5% is critical thinking.  Lord Jamar insists that homosexuality is against what the 5% teaches as the basic fundamentals of family, i.e., man, woman and child.   However, the problem with this logic is “man, woman, & child” only dictates procreation.  Even a person who is homosexual who wants a child knows that in order to procreate it requires a man and a woman.  They will either procreate naturally with the opposite sex, go to the sperm bank, hire a surrogate mother or adopt the children ironically who have been abandoned by heterosexual partners.  Family is a dynamic structure and functions efficiently in different circumstances BEYOND “man, woman, and child.”  An appeal to nature does not help the case because all nature teaches us is that there are a variety of ways to have a “family”.  Why it’s taking the world so long to figure this out, I’d like to know as well.
  7. “Skirts have no place in hip hop”…  Does critical thinking have a place in hip hop?   “Homosexuality has no place in hip hop.”  But rape culture does?


During the rant, Marlon stated that Lord Jamar was waiting on the return of positive message rap.  Well, I’m waiting on that too.  I just know WHO I’m not waiting on to create it.  As long as we have these fallacious and selfish ideas about the complexities of humanity, not sure there will be anything to positive to “rap” about.

We are the Original People of this Planet! And, so?

Being African, indigenous or original is not enough, folks.   I know that we need to teach our children our heritage, but to enunciate this fact repetitively as to expect others who are NOT indigenous, African or original to develop some sort of value in regards to this fact, is nauseous.  In the words of Erykah Badu “They know who we are.”  We must move past this.  Ingrain the message in our children so that they can pass it on to theirs, beyond that, stating this fact is a moot point.  Not everything that is considered “original” appreciates in value, sometimes it depreciates.  In other situations, it’s merely a “prototype” only being referenced as a historical point to corroborate progress.   Remember the first cell phone?  Distant memory now, right?  We see no one pulling a suitcase containing a phone out of their car to go to their business meeting, flaunting it because it is “the original” cell phone.  If anything, you should be constantly developing and renewing the aesthetics that embody the image.  You know, just how Samsung and Apple release a phone all while developing the phone that subsequently will be released months later?  So should the image of what it is to be Black- as it is viewed INTRA-culturally.  To expect others to buy into what you present as being Black, indigenous, original is fallacious.  That is OUR job.  It is our job to embrace OUR culture AND to develop what that looks like to us, unapologetically, REGARDLESS to what others respect or not.  Appeals to antiquity are only relevant to denote progress and to preserve what worked and NOT repeat what doesn’t.



How do we proceed then?  The answer, I believe, lies within a concept applied in organizations: Cultural Intelligence, which I will cover in my next blog post.

Update to “An Ode To Venny: Social Homicide”- Who’s obese?

Apparently Venny has risen from the dead.  Also to be noted she died by hacking not by the previously cited infraction.  She states the person indicated in the pictures isn’t her.  Which makes this whole situation worse, alcohol on a fresh cut worse.  This indicates a complete stranger was emotionally attacked and had their privacy rudely invaded.  This still says more about Venny’s haters than it will ever say about Venny.  At this point, it’s Venny 1 & Venny’s haters 0.  There’s not much she can tweet that can be that ratchet (literally meaning regressive/backwards), because it will pale in comparison to being in an Applebee’s, savagely video taping someone while mistaking their identity and erroneously posting those photos with erroneous accusations and denigrating comments about someone’s weight/body composition!!


Speaking of weight…Venny may or may not be obese, physically, but it is clear that the minds of those who would go this far have minds full of the wrong shit: too many carbs and fat, i.e. hate and envy, and not enough protein, i.e. common sense.


What’s on YOUR mind?

An Ode to Venny: Social Homicide

An Ode to Venny: Social Homicide


cue Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust


Just days ago, a young lady known as “Venny” (@DarthVenn) on the popular social network Twitter was allegedly spotted out and about by a would be “hater” of the personality as presented on the social media website.  Because Venny was, let’s say, a little on the not so skinny side, this translated into an automatic explosion of destructive meme’s and accompanying denigrating tweets.  Venny has been murdered socially.  Her remains (screen shots of her most hated tweets, the video by which she was allegedly stalked out, and the memes) will serve as visuals for a virtual wake lasting for days for the deceased, & apparently “fake” personality.


But there will be no funeral.  A eulogy won’t be necessary, as the life of Venny won’t be celebrated.  However, upon a very sober analysis of this plight, no one’s hands are clean.  We have attention whores & likewise, attention tricks; Twitter being the virtual Pimp providing the medium through which this plight flows freely.  Twitter not so much sells a dream, like your real life pimp, but it is the pathway through which a dream can be concocted and actualized.  You see, Twitter isn’t like the Dolemite, “Bitch betta have my money” pimp.  This pimp is liberal and mesmerizing…  This pimp does not search the caches and cookies for you; instead, you, your ego and all of your insecurities come searching, or should I say surfing for it.



With adoration and disdain abound, the attention whores and tricks become interchangeable and codependent in this dynamic.  The whore and the trick have both hired the pimp to provide the vehicle by which egos are stroked, fancies are tickled, and fantasies actualized with QWERTY keyboards.

From what I could ascertain from the 22-page article on Bossip about the young lady, I would put Venny on the attention whore side of the dynamic.  Her fame seemed to be based on audacious shock value and the disdain for this attribute that was consistent in every tweet.  This disdain fueled this so-called Twitter fame, but it also fueled something much more sinister.  An adverse effect to the pimp’s dream is there are apparently no boundaries in the virtual world, and although virtual, the personalities housed in bodies sitting behind these flat screens and typing on QWERTY keyboards have real feelings, and real egos that have to be stroked even if what they’re presenting is fake.   It’s also like a mask…and if the opportunity is presented to see what’s really behind the mask, that opportunity is as good as seized, without question.  Your mask will be removed.


Realistically, I question, if Venny hadn’t been on the chunky side and would have met their high expectations of vanity, then what would have happened?  It’s almost like her tricks are saying, “You can’t sell pussy to us because you’re fat!” “You can’t compose tweets that irritate us because you’re fat!”  Your existence is limited in real life and on social media, fake or real, because you’re fat.  And what if she wasn’t hated, but instead admired?  I ask these questions to point out that even a real trick thinks that they have the “right” to buy sex from whores and the dream that the whores have bought into isn’t real.  Also, the whore is lambasted for being the whore, while the trick is has gotten exactly what they paid for.   But who are these attention whores without their tricks?  Isn’t the perceived fame achieved via intra-virtual feeding?  If her tweets were that horrible, wouldn’t it have been easier for her to be ignored and NOT to have this so-called “fame”?  Ah yes, all too easy, but that’s not exciting.  There’s nothing like being validated by the denigration of another.  The uplifting of one’s self by the bringing down or “dragging to hell” of another.  This speaks more to the human condition and more about the woman who stalked her out at an Applebee’s and those who spawned Venny’s social media fame being inevitably relieved of her demise than it does Venny.  Rest in peace Venny.


Pimps, ho’s and Twitter:


The attention whore recognizes the potential in the Pimp to provide the ultimate dream.  The ultimate dream of being who and whatever is desired with love and/or hate abound.   Oh, but the trick…let us not forget that which makes the whore the whore- the paying customers.   The paying customers who fiend for an ego stroke just like the attention whore, but pays by default when engaging.  The trick can use the whore to gain more followers, more clout, or to boost their own ego using whatever method that garners the attention they also seek.